In Vermont, if we can’t buy what we like, we make it ourselves.

It’s this idea that lead us to start roasting coffee. Scanning local retail and grocery store shelves for fresh beans was incredibly frustrating and unfruitful. Occasionally we would find a bag that was roasted a month or maybe a few weeks ago (if we were lucky). But more often the coffee we could buy was stale. We don’t buy rotten fruits or vegetables, or meat that’s past the fresh why suffer through coffee that’s past its prime? We believe there’s a better way.

  • Plain and simple, coffee is best roasted in small batches and enjoyed fresh, within a week or two of roasting. 
  • Coffee growers work too hard to disguise their intentions by over-roasting coffee beans.
  • The complexity of coffee can and should be enjoyed by everyone.

We started roasting coffee for ourselves. We’re ready to share the joy of fresh coffee with our friends.

To enjoy fresh coffee from around the world every week, sign-up for the Carrier Roasting Coffee CSA. CSA members receive fresh roasted coffee shares each week at pick-up locations in Randolph, Montpelier and Winooski or by mail.

If you aren't ready to join the CSA, but want to buy fresh roasted coffee, click here to view our current offerings.

About the Roastery

The roastery is located in a post and beam barn in rural Central Vermont. The barn was built to house a ceramics studio and (graciously) made room for a coffee roaster. Though a coffee roastery and pottery may seem like odd barnmates, many of the same elements for making pottery are required for roasting coffee including fire, time and patience.