El Salvador Peaberry

Santa Rita Estate is located in the western part of El Salvador along the Apaneca/Ilametepec Mountain Range where the soil is rich from volcanic activity. The location is one of the most prestigious areas for coffee farming. Located at an altitude of 5,000 feet, the estate favors the traditional, environmentally friendly methods of farming; this coffee is 100% shade grown and bird-friendly which preserves the ecosystem all around the farm.

Honey Processed: Also known as pulp natural process, honey processing removes the skin of the fruit, but leaves some of the mucilage (which has a honey-like texture…hence the name) on the bean. The coffee is then set to dry on patios with the mucilage still on. Because of the regions higher humidity and rainfall, this method of coffee processing is relatively new for the region which had favored the more common washed processing, where the fruit and mucilage are removed from the bean before it is dried.

Tasting notes: The honey processing results in a naturally occurring sweetness with complex fruit tones-like apple, blueberry and others. The sweetness is balanced with notes of cocoa, and medium and body and acidity, making for a very balanced flavor.

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