No. 2 Burundi

Our second offering comes to us from Burundi, a country located just south of Rwanda (the origin of our first coffee). Both Burundi and Rwanda are located in the Great Lakes Region of Southeast Africa. Similar to Rwanda, coffee was originally brought to Burundi in the 1920s under Belgian colonial rule. Following the country’s independence in 1962, the coffee industry was privatized, though due to political unrest struggled to grow until the late 90’s.

This particular coffee is a direct trade bean from a washing station in Muyinga Province. The station is located in a valley and is surrounded by a number of hills where the coffee is grown. The lot that we purchased includes coffee from three of these hills all of which are at approximately 1700 to 1800 meters in altitude. This relatively high altitude results in a denser bean which can take a little more heat than previous beans we’ve roasted. As a result, we’re roasting the Burundi a little darker than the Rwandan – about 5-10 degrees “hotter”.

Both the medium and dark roasts have very sweet flavor notes…not sweet tart, but savory sweet. The medium roast has enough berry and floral notes to give it a slight black tea finish, while the dark roast is much richer with a chocolaty flavor.

We’ll have this coffee for two, maybe three weeks, so if you’re not part of the CSA but want to give it a try, you can order it here. This will likely be the last of our African coffee offerings for a get it while you can!

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