Burundi Kirema

We received really positive feedback on our first Burundi, so we decided to bring in at least two more this year, the first of which is the Burundi Kirema. Though this region has been caught in the middle of significant unrest this year, producers manage to continue turning out exceptional coffee.

Burundi Kirema comes to us from the Gacokwe Washing Station Cooperative, located in the Kayanza Region of the country. The cooperative works with over 1,350 small holder farms, most of which are located between 1650 and 1750 meters, an above average altitude for coffee production in this region. Our supplier has worked in this region for nearly ten years, offering a direct relationship that has proven beneficial for both the buyer and farmer. As part of this relationship, the buyers offer a better than market price for the beans, with the premium going directly to the farmers.

Tasting Notes: Though Burundi and Rwanda are geographic neighbors, their coffees are world apart. The bodies on both cups are similar – deep and complex, but the acidic finish and floral notes of the Burundi make it a truly unique cup. The full washed Burundi Kirema literally takes everything we love about African coffees – deep body and complex acidity – and combines it into one experience.  Both medium and dark roasts are a touch darker than our typical profile, not overdone by any stretch, but roasted about five degrees hotter to bring out both sides of this complex bean. Burundi Kirema is available to order in the online store and through our weekly CSA subscriptions.