Costa Rica

Like many coffee growing regions, much of the coffee coming from Costa Rica has been processed in centrally located mills, blending beans from thousands of farmers to create a single offering. However, with the increased interest in traceability and single origin coffees, many cooperatives are now separating their coffees into lots from smaller communities. Our La Angostura offering comes from the CoopeTarrazu cooperative in Costa Rica, which has taken extra steps to increase quality by separating beans into lots based on origin.

The La Angostura is a small community in the Leon Cortes area of Costa Rica, located at an altitude of 1,650 – 1,700 meters. It’s an ideal climate for growing coffee and the farmers have gone to great lengths to produce an exceptional cup. Both roasts highlight flavors of sweet milk chocolate and Concord grape, with the medium roast featuring a bit more "tang" than the dark. This coffee makes a great cup, no matter if you are brewing drip, press or espresso. This coffee is currently available in the online shop and through the CSA