Kenya AA

Our single origin Kenyan AA comes to us from the Masai Mara region of Kenya near the Kichwa Tembo Wildlife Preserve in southwest Kenya. Grown at 1600 – 1800 meters, this coffee is processed using the wet method: the coffee cherry spends up to four days in a fermentation tank which makes it easier to remove the mucilage from the bean in the milling process. The result is an incredibly clean cup, which is why Kenyan coffee is the sports car of the coffee world: everything about it is bolder, more refined, sweeter and smoother. The grading system for coffee in Kenya is complex, but to put it bluntly: AA is the highest grade.

Tasting notes: This particular coffee represents all the classic flavors of Kenyan coffees, featuring a full mouthful with complex sweet chocolate flavors that finish with red grape.

We’re roasting this coffee starting 7/4/2015 and should have it on the list for three to four weeks. CSA members will start seeing this coffee in their weekly shares the week of 7/5/2015. To place a one time order online, visit our shop here.