Sumatra Mandheling

The Cooperative Megah Bersiri is located in the Aceh region on Sumatra’s northernmost tip. Nearly 500 small holder farms provide ripe coffee cherry to the cooperative where it’s processed. Sumatran coffees are traditionally rich, earthy, bold and savory, due in large part to the unique processing methods. Instead of drying coffees on patios or raised beds as is the tradition in most of Africa and the Americas, Sumatran coffees are depulped then fermented in water tanks overnight. From there the parchment layer of the bean is removed while it’s still wet. This process produces one of the most unique cups found in any coffee.  

Tasting notes: This coffee's brilliant viscosity is highlighted by aromas of dark figs, and flavors of chocolate and herbs.

Sumatra Mandheling is available to order in the online store and through our weekly CSA subscriptions.