We get asked this question all the time: how do you guys brew your coffee? So here it is, our favorite ways to brew coffee. Step by step, starting with the simplest, everyday methods and working through to the more complex. None of them are that hard, we promise. Here are a few things to think about before you get started:

Measurements: you can’t make a consistent cup of coffee without accurate measurements. This means, to do it right, you need a scale. You can get a digital scale that’s more than up for the task for about $10. It’s worth it. Also, since we’re talking about dry ingredients and liquids, here’s a secret you may remember from junior high science class: grams and milliliters are equal. 1 gram on your digital scale equals 1 milliliter. Remember that.

Ratios: The ratio of coffee to water is the one variable you’ll have to experiment with to find out what works for you. To start with, we recommend a 1:10 coffee to water ratio (this is where knowing that grams and milliliters trick comes in handy). For a single cup of coffee, start with 25 grams of coffee and 250 milliliters of water. From there, change the amount of coffee you use to change your ratio to either stronger or weaker depending on your preference.

Water: Tap water is fine, filtered water is better. Since coffee is (roughly) 96% water, the type of water you use does effect the taste. If spring water comes out of your tap, you’re likely all set. If what comes out of your tap has chlorine or other additives, you will notice a difference in taste when you use filtered water.

Milk + Sugar: We’re not going to chastise you for putting half and half, creamer, milk or sugar in your coffee…but do us a favor: sip your coffee black before adding anything to it. Trust us, just do it.

We'll be adding to this list regularly...if its black, click on it. If it's grey, it's coming soon!